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Volume-64px.pngVolumeVolumeVolumesA Volume is a collection of papers mostly documenting the results of an academic event


A Volume is a a collection of papers mostly documenting the results of an academic event

Example Volumes

Vol-1, Vol-1155, Vol-1878, Vol-2535, Vol-2599, Vol-2644, Vol-2982, Vol-3113, Vol-3170, Vol-3184, Vol-3194, Vol-3197, Vol-3262, Vol-3346, Vol-3355


Volume acronymThe official acronym/short name of the VolumeTypes/textacronymacronymfalsefalse
Volume dateThe publication date of the volumeTypes/Datedatedatefalsefalse
Volume dblpThe dblp publication id of the volumeTypes/External identifierdblpdblpfalsefalse
Volume descriptionA wikidata compatible description of the volumeTypes/textdescriptiondescriptionfalsefalse
Volume k10plusThe k10 plus PPN id of the volumeTypes/External identifierk10plusk10plusfalsefalse
Volume numberThe number VolumeTypes/Numbernumbernumbertruefalse
Volume titleThe title of the VolumeTypes/Texttitletitletruefalse
Volume urlThe url of the volumeTypes/texturlurlfalsefalse
Volume urnThe URN-NBN id of the volumeTypes/External identifierurnurnfalsefalse
Volume wikidataidThe wikidataid of the volumeTypes/External identifierwikidataidwikidataidfalsefalse


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