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Paper-logo-64px.pngPaperPaperPapersA paper is e.g. a scholarly article


5 Papers:

Vol-1878Vol-1878/article-05.pdfScholarly Social MachinesDavid De Roure
Vol-2599/paper5Vol-2599/paper5Private Digital Identity on BlockchainVol-2599
Vol-2644Vol-2644/paper35Using PROVA-Rule Engine as Dispatching-Service for FHIR-Observation-ResourcesGerhard Kober, Adrian Paschke
Vol-2644Vol-2644/paper36Action Rules: Counterfactual Explanations in Python (winner of the 14th Rule Challenge 2020 competition)Lukas Sykora, Tomas Kliegr
Vol-2644Vol-2644/paper44One-Shot Rule Learning for Challenging Character RecognitionDany Varghese, Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad