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name  documentation
label  documentation
type  Special:Types/Text
index  14
primary key  false
mandatory  false
size  500
uploadable  false
inputType  textarea
documentation  The documentation for a property
values from  
isLink  false
allow nulls?  
topic  Concept:Property

Text This is a Property with type Special:Types/Text

Showing 50 pages using this property.
What page will 'steer' this action?  +
the author of this action  +
a comment for the action  +
the template engine to be used either [[Rythm]] or [[Freemarker]]  +
the decription of the input e.g. a page name, url or SMW ask query  +
What is the type of the input?  +
The name of the Action  +
where the output of the action should go  +
The service to be used  +
The type of the service  +
since when is this action available?  +
Internationalized Resource Identifier  +
The name of the CiteSchema  +
The type of the CiteSchema  +
copyright of the context  +
what is the original master source of this context  +
Name of the context  +
since when is this context available?  +
The name of the Country  +
The wikidataid of the Country  +
Has this been done?  +
What needs to be done to get this fixed?  +
The description of the term  +
The language code for this glossary entry  +
The language master page for this glossary entry  +
The person (may be also an organization or other entity) reponsible for this glossary entry  +
The date when this glossary entry was entered  +
The state of the Glossary Entry  +
authors of the Paper  +
The id (filename) of the Paper  +
the url for the pdf of this paper  +
The title of the Paper  +
Internationalized Resource Identifier  +
The name of the Platform  +
The priority of the Platform  +
The organization (may be a person or other entity) reponsible for running this platform  +
The date the platform was started  +
The type of the Platform  +
The WikiData Id of this platform  +
There are two ways to specified allowed Values: # <br>Use [[Property:Allows_value]] to see which values are allowed for certain properties #<br>values=possible values - Specifies a set of either possible values or autocompletion values (depending on the input type) that this field can have, overriding whatever set of values may have been set from the Semantic MediaWiki property. This set of values is separated by commas by default, but the delimiter can be modified using the delimiter= parameter. If you specify any values method number 2 will be used here which might override any allowed Values specified with method number 1.  +
default value - Specifies a default value for this field. For date-related fields, default=now will set the value to the current date and possibly time. For text fields, default=current user will set the value to the username of the user adding this page. For the checkbox input type, default=yes will check the checkbox by default. (The 'checkboxes' input type, on the other hand, like the 'listbox' type, requires specifying the actual values, like default=Value A, Value C.) You can also include templates, parser functions, and magic words within the 'default=' value. see (default)  +
The documentation for a property  +
A positive number that specifies at which position of a Topic the given property should show. The first property to show has the index 1 each following property has an index that is +1 of the previous.  +
see *<br>input type - Specifies the type of input this field will have in the form. If a field corresponds to an SMW property or Cargo field, the form will usually have the correct input type by default; otherwise the default is text. If the corresponding SMW property, or Cargo field, cannot be automatically determined, you can use the parameter 'property', or the parameters 'cargo table' and 'cargo field', to manually specify it (see below). The allowed set of input types is different for every semantic property type; see below for the full list of options. * *  +
true if this Property is derived form a Link. It will not be exported to SiDIF separately and automatically be added by the Property Generator  +
The label to be shown when in a form  +
Specifies that this field must be filled in by the user. Note: mandatory should not be used in conjunction with hidden. Use of both in any field will cause the mandatory check on any field to fail when the form is saved. see  +
The name of the property  +
namespace prefix  +