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name  documentation
label  documentation
type  Special:Types/Text
index  14
primary key  false
mandatory  false
size  500
uploadable  false
inputType  textarea
documentation  The documentation for a property
values from  
isLink  false
allow nulls?  
topic  Concept:Property

Text This is a Property with type Special:Types/Text

Showing 20 pages using this property.
What page will 'steer' this action?  +
the author of this action  +
a comment for the action  +
the template engine to be used either [[Rythm]] or [[Freemarker]]  +
the decription of the input e.g. a page name, url or SMW ask query  +
What is the type of the input?  +
The name of the Action  +
where the output of the action should go  +
The service to be used  +
The type of the service  +
since when is this action available?  +
Internationalized Resource Identifier  +
The name of the CiteSchema  +
The type of the CiteSchema  +
copyright of the context  +
what is the original master source of this context  +
Name of the context  +
since when is this context available?  +
The name of the Country  +
The wikidataid of the Country  +