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This is the Template for the wikiTasks to generate Semantic Media Wiki related wiki pages for Topics






City sidif smw
template runtemplate -> Template:City runtemplate -> Template:City
form runtemplate -> Form:City runtemplate -> Form:City
list of runtemplate -> List of Cities runtemplate -> List of Cities
category runtemplate ->Category:City runtemplate ->Category:City
properties runtemplate -> Concept:City/properties runtemplate -> Concept:City/properties
help runtemplate -> Help:City runtemplate -> Help:City
instances runtemplate -> Cities runtemplate -> Cities
concept runtemplate -> Concept:City runtemplate -> Concept:City
java code runtemplate -> Template:TopicWikitasks#City JavaCode runtemplate -> Template:TopicWikitasks#City JavaCode
{{wikitask|cmd=runtemplate|input={{{input|}}}|params=sidifInput:{{FULLPAGENAME}}#{{{input|}}},contextName:{{{context|}}},maintopicName:{{{topic|}}}|engine=Rythm|template=SiDIFTemplates#javacodegen|targetpage={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}#{{{topic|}}} JavaCode}}