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name  Property
pluralName  Properties
icon  Element into input.png
icon Url  /images/6/6a/Element_into_input.png
documentation  a Property is a Feature/Attribute of a Topic
wikiDocumentation  see
default storemode  property
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context  MetaModel


Property allowedValuesallowedValuesallowedValuesTypes/Text13falsefalse50falseThere are two ways to specified allowed Values:
    Use Property:Allows_value to see which values are allowed for certain properties
    values=possible values - Specifies a set of either possible values or autocompletion values (depending on the input type) that this field can have, overriding whatever set of values may have been set from the Semantic MediaWiki property. This set of values is separated by commas by default, but the delimiter can be modified using the delimiter= parameter.
If you specify any values method number 2 will be used here which might override any allowed Values specified with method number 1.
Property defaultValuedefaultValuedefaultTypes/Code11falsefalse80falsedefault value - Specifies a default value for this field. For date-related fields, default=now will set the value to the current date and possibly time. For text fields, default=current user will set the value to the username of the user adding this page. For the checkbox input type, default=yes will check the checkbox by default. (The 'checkboxes' input type, on the other hand, like the 'listbox' type, requires specifying the actual values, like default=Value A, Value C.) You can also include templates, parser functions, and magic words within the 'default=' value. see (default)Property
Property documentationdocumentationdocumentationTypes/Text14falsefalse500falsetextareaThe documentation for a propertyProperty
Property indexindexindexTypes/Number4falsefalsefalseA positive number that specifies at which position of a Topic the given property should show. The first property to show has the index 1 each following property has an index that is +1 of the previous.trueProperty
Property inputTypeinputTypeinputTypeTypes/Text12falsefalse50falsedropdowntext, combobox, dropdown, textarea, tree, datetime, datepicker, timepicker, datetimepicker, menuselect,two listboxes, datecheck, regexp, radiobutton, googlemapssee Property
Property isLinkisLinkisLinkTypes/Boolean17falsefalsefalsetrue if this Property is derived form a Link. It will not be exported to SiDIF separately and automatically be added by the Property GeneratorfalseProperty
Property labellabellabelTypes/Text2falsefalse50falseThe label to be shown when in a formProperty
Property mandatorymandatorymandatoryTypes/Boolean7falsefalse4falseSpecifies that this field must be filled in by the user. Note: mandatory should not be used in conjunction with hidden. Use of both in any field will cause the mandatory check on any field to fail when the form is saved. see
Property namenamenameTypes/Text11truetrue50falseThe name of the propertyProperty
Property namespacenamespacenamespaceTypes/Text8falsefalse20falsenamespace prefixProperty
Property nullablenullableallow nulls?Types/Boolean18falsefalsefalse
should nullvalues be allowed and value set to NULL when empty?falseProperty
Property primaryKeyprimaryKeyprimary keyTypes/Boolean6falsefalse4falseis this property a primary key of it's topic?Property
Property showInGridshowInGridshowInGridTypes/Boolean16falsefalsefalse
I am true if this property is displayed in the default list of properties for my topic as a columntrueProperty
Property sizesizesizeTypes/Number9falsefalse3falsethe display size of the field for the propertyProperty
Property sortPossortPossortPosTypes/Number5falsefalse3falseIf none empty >0 this is the position in the sort clause of this

property. This is used when displaying list of the topic as the default sort order and it is used for selecting topics .


Sortpos 1 for attribute lastname and sortpos 2 for attribute firstname leads to sort by lastname,firstname
Property topictopictopicTypes/Pagedropdown
Property typetypetypeTypes/Page3falsefalsefalse
dropdownThe type of a Property
Property uploadableuploadableuploadableTypes/Boolean10falsefalse4falseSpecifies that a link should be placed next to this field, that opens a popup window to let the user upload a file; see 'Uploading files', below. See The type of the target property needs to be Page for this to workProperty
Property values fromvalues_fromvalues fromTypes/Code15falsefalse200falsetextareaSpecifies where to get the possible values to be displayed in a form from see

  • values from property=property name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the the set of all values that a certain SMW property points to.
  • values from category=category name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the names of all pages belonging to a specific category.
  • values from concept=concept name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the names of all pages belonging to a specific concept.
  • values from namespace=namespace name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the names of all pages belonging to a specific namespace. (To get values from the main namespace, use 'Main' for the namespace name, or just leave it blank.)
  • values from url=URL identifier - Used only for autocompletion. Specifies that autocompletion should be based on the values retrieved from an outside URL; see Autocompleting on outside values for how to do this.
  • values from external data=variable name - Used for autocompletion. You need to have theExternal Data extension installed to be able to use this parameter. It specifies that autocompletion should be based on the data retrieved from an outside source. A large number of data sources are supported, including web APIs, regular wiki pages, files on the local server, databases and LDAP directories. See Autocompletion using External Data.




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