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Help for Action

Actionicon.pngActionActionActionsAn action/function/operation to be performed


An action/function/operation to be performed

Example Actions

GenerateProperties, Paper/Properties, Session/Properties, Volume/Properties


Action actionpageWhat page will 'steer' this action?Types/Pageactionpageactionpagefalsefalse
Action authorthe author of this actionTypes/Pageauthorauthorfalsefalse
Action commenta comment for the actionTypes/Textcommentcommentfalsefalse
Action enginethe template engine to be used either Rythm or FreemarkerTypes/Textengineenginerythm,freemarkerfalsefalse
Action inputthe decription of the input e.g. a page name, url or SMW ask queryTypes/Codeinputinputfalsefalse
Action inputtypeWhat is the type of the input?Types/TextinputtypeinputtypeQuery,Page,URLfalsefalse
Action nameThe name of the ActionTypes/Textnamenametruefalse
Action outputwhere the output of the action should goTypes/Textoutputoutput
Action serviceThe service to be usedTypes/URLserviceservice
Action servicetypeThe type of the serviceTypes/TextservicetypeservicetypeWikiTasktruefalse
Action sincesince when is this action available?Types/Datesincesincefalsefalse


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