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ReferenceIcon.pngReferenceReferenceReferencesA reference refers to some piece of information e.g. literature or webcontent


A reference refers to some piece of information e.g. literature or webcontent see

Example References


Reference DOIDigital Object IdentifierTypes/TextDOIDOI
Reference ISBN1010 digit ISBN number of the referenceTypes/TextISBN10ISBN10
Reference ISBN1313 digit ISBN number of the referenceTypes/TextISBN13ISBN13
Reference amazonauthorsThe authors as Amazon has itTypes/Textamazonauthorsamazonauthors
Reference authorsThe authors of this contentTypes/Textauthorsauthorsfalsefalse
Reference booklinkmain link to the book e.g. on AmazonTypes/URLbooklinkbooklinkfalsefalse
Reference booklink2optional second book linkTypes/URLbooklink2booklink2
Reference booktypethe booktype of this referenceTypes/Textbooktypebooktype
Reference commentsome comment/descriptionTypes/Textcommentcommentfalsefalse
Reference coverpictureimage URL for coverpictureTypes/URLcoverpicturecoverpicture
Reference editionthe edition of this referenceTypes/Texteditionedition
Reference idthe unique identifier of the referenceTypes/Textididtruefalse
Reference languagethe language code of this referenceTypes/Textlanguagelanguagede,enfalsefalse
Reference pagesthe number of pages of this bookTypes/Numberpagespages
Reference pdflinka link to a PDF representation of this referenceTypes/URLpdflinkpdflink
Reference publisherThe publisher of this referenceTypes/Textpublisherpublisher
Reference statusthe status of this referenceTypes/Textstatusstatus
Reference titlethe title of a reference e.g. a book titleTypes/Texttitletitlefalsefalse
Reference yearThe year/date of publicationTypes/Dateyearyearfalsefalse


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