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Help for TopicLink

Link.pngTopicLinkTopicLinkTopicLinksA TopicLink links two Concepts


A TopicLink links two Concept:Topics

Example TopicLinks


TopicLink masterDetailshould the details be displayed in the same form and template?

If no

  • for a 1:1 link there will be a linking attribute used and that can be selected.
  • for a 1:n link a link to the list of neighbours will be displayed

if yes

  • for a 1:1 link the details
  • for a 1:n link
TopicLink nameThe name of the topic linkTypes/Textnamenamefalsefalse
TopicLink sourcethe source of a topic LinkTypes/Pagesourcesourcetruefalse
TopicLink sourceDocumentationDocumentation for the source RoleTypes/TextsourceDocumentationsource Docfalsefalse
TopicLink sourceMultipleTypes/BooleansourceMultiplesourceMultiplefalsefalse
TopicLink sourceRoleTypes/TextsourceRolesourceRolefalsefalse
TopicLink targetTypes/Pagetargettargetfalsefalse
TopicLink targetDocumentationDocumentation for the target RoleTypes/TexttargetDocumentationtarget Docfalsefalse
TopicLink targetMultipleTypes/BooleantargetMultiplesourceMultiplefalsefalse
TopicLink targetRoleTypes/TexttargetRoletargetRolefalsefalse


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