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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Property documentation" with value "Name of the context". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

    • Property:SMW Type id  + (SMW internal id of the type)
    • Property:Topic cargo  + (Should the Topic be stored using the [ Cargo Extension?])
    • Property:Property uploadable  + (Specifies that a link should be placed nexSpecifies that a link should be placed next to this field, that opens a popup window to let the user upload a file; see 'Uploading files', below. See</br>*</br>*</br></br>The type of the target property needs to be Page for this to workproperty needs to be Page for this to work)
    • Property:Property mandatory  + (Specifies that this field must be filled iSpecifies that this field must be filled in by the user. Note: mandatory should not be used in conjunction with hidden. Use of both in any field will cause the mandatory check on any field to fail when the form is saved.</br></br>see
    • Property:Property values from  + (Specifies where to get the possible valuesSpecifies where to get the possible values to be displayed in a form from see</br></br></br>* values from property=property name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the the set of all values that a certain SMW property points to.</br>* values from category=category name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the names of all pages belonging to a specific category.</br>* values from concept=concept name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the names of all pages belonging to a specific concept.</br>* values from namespace=namespace name - Similar to values=, but gets its values from the names of all pages belonging to a specific namespace. (To get values from the main namespace, use 'Main' for the namespace name, or just leave it blank.)</br>* values from url=URL identifier - Used only for autocompletion. Specifies that autocompletion should be based on the values retrieved from an outside URL; see Autocompleting on outside values for how to do this.</br>* values from external data=variable name - Used for autocompletion. You need to have theExternal Data extension installed to be able to use this parameter. It specifies that autocompletion should be based on the data retrieved from an outside source. A large number of data sources are supported, including web APIs, regular wiki pages, files on the local server, databases and LDAP directories. See Autocompletion using External Data.s. See Autocompletion using External Data.)
    • Property:SMW Type typepage  + (The Semantic Media Wiki Special page for this specific type e.g. Special:Types/Text, Special:Types/Boolean, Special:Types/Date, Special:Types/Number, Special:Types/Page)
    • Property:SMW Type type  + (The Semantic MediaWiki type without the prefix e.g. Text, Number, Boolean)
    • Property:Platform wikidataid  + (The WikiData Id of this platform)
    • Property:Reference amazonauthors  + (The authors as Amazon has it)
    • Property:Reference authors  + (The authors of this content)
    • Property:Platform since  + (The date the platform was started)
    • Property:GlossaryEntry since  + (The date when this glossary entry was entered)
    • Property:Topic defaultstoremode  + (The default storemode of the topic)
    • Property:GlossaryEntry description  + (The description of the term)
    • Property:Property documentation  + (The documentation for a property)
    • Property:SMW Type documentation  + (The documentation of this Semantic Media Wiki type)
    • Property:Scholar firstName  + (The first name of the scholar)
    • Property:Scholar homepage  + (The homepage of the scholar)
    • Property:Paper id  + (The id (filename) of the Paper)
    • Property:SchemaProperty id  + (The id of the SchemaProperty)
    • Property:SchemaProperty kind  + (The kind of the SchemaProperty)
    • Property:Property label  + (The label to be shown when in a form)
    • Property:GlossaryEntry lang  + (The language code for this glossary entry)
    • Property:GlossaryEntry master  + (The language master page for this glossary entry)
    • Property:Scholar name  + (The last name of the scholar)
    • Property:Action name  + (The name of the Action)
    • Property:CiteSchema name  + (The name of the CiteSchema)
    • Property:Country name  + (The name of the Country)
    • Property:Platform name  + (The name of the Platform)
    • Property:SchemaProperty name  + (The name of the SchemaProperty)
    • Property:Property name  + (The name of the property)
    • Property:Topic name  + (The name of the topic)
    • Property:TopicLink name  + (The name of the topic link)
    • Property:Volume number  + (The number Volume)